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The mission of the Community Food Pantry is to provide relief to those in need in the Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown communities. The Pantry began as an initiative of Kids’ Club of Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow in December of 2009 as a way to address the issue of hunger within our community. That one time distribution of food has become a monthly event, currently serving about 450 families.

What our Clients say

Julia:  We need this because of the pandemic.  My husband and I are both without work.  This really helps me with my three daughters.

Myriam:  It's healthy food!

A man:  I try to get construction work on the corner, but it is affected too.  I just wait. But now I have a bag of food.

Lisaura:  The Food Pantry is very good, it helps us with feeding our families.


Megan:  I'm picking up food for two elderly women I care for.  They live alone, can't walk, and are recently widowed. One is blind and the other had a stroke.  They are in their 80s.

Merenciana:  This is very important because we need all of this food.  We have very little work.

Francisco:  It is a great service to us.  It gives us life!

Illuminada:  We don't have food in order to keep going, because we have so little work.

Cathi:  I'm picking up today because my husband has less work than usual.

Manuel:  It helps me a lot, and everyone of low income.  We don't have enough for our daily food.


Cheryl:  Elderly people and people who are disabled cannot go out during the pandemic.  We have to be able to have food in these times. The older people may have Social Security, but it's not enough for rent and food. Our income is so reduced!

Maria:  We all need it.  We are not people with high income.  It helps us to be able to eat every day and in the daytime.

Fabien:  I need help for my family! My wife and I do not have work or money.

Tony:  I'm retired and living on a limited income.  Every bit helps.  Thank you!

Guadalupe:  What we are taking in is not enough to pay rent and buy food.

Yolanda:  We look forward to this.  We need this!

Board of Directors

Janice Landrum, President

Suzan Ryan, Vice President,

     Christ Church Representative

Lisa Kosan, Vice President, Grants

David Hinman, Vice President, Purchasing

Belinda Flores and Jessica Munzel,  

      Vice Presidents, Production

Beth Zolkind, Treasurer

Kim Waddell, Recording Secretary

Erin Blanton, Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteers at check-in can assist clients in English or Spanish.

Who are our clients


The Community Food Pantry of Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow serves community residents who are hungry with monthly grocery distributions.


We serve as many as 500 families each month, including shut-ins. Clients most frequently find us by referral, from the Open Door, school social workers, and religious leaders.


Anyone who comes to a distribution is helped.  To receive continuing support we request proof of residency in Sleepy Hollow or Tarrytown and photo ID, such as a passport from any country.


Our distributions are on the second Thursday of each month, from 8:15 to 10:30 AM and from 6 to 7:30 PM,  in addition to special seasonal distributions. Dates may change because of holidays or inclement weather.

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Want to learn more?

Our board meets  monthly  at 8:00 AM, on dates coordinated with distributions.  Most meetings are open to all volunteers and those interested in learning more about what we do. This is where we brainstorm new ideas and review and improve our pantry. Email us if you'd like to join. 

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